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  May 2016
  April 2016
  Study Abroad
::   School of Law - University of Aberdeen - May-2016
::   New York Law School - April-2016
::   Duke Law School, Durham NC - October-2015
::   William and Mary School of Law, Virginia - September-2015
::   College of Law - University of Cincinnati - July-2015
::   University of Bristol Law School - May-2015
::   DePaul University College of Law - April-2015
::   School of Law University of Leeds - March-2015
::   SUNY Buffalo Law School, NewYork - February-2015
::   School of Law Saint Louis University - December-2014
::   School of Law Washburn University - November-2014
::   George Mason University School of Law - August-2014
::   Beasley School of Law, Temple University - July-2014
::   Seton Hall University School of Law - June-2014
::   Wake Forest University School of Law - May-2014
::   University of Pittsburgh School of Law  - April-2014
::   University of Colorado Law School - March-2014
::   School of Law Villanova University - February-2014
::   School of Law Pepperdine University - January-2014
::   University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law - December-2013
::   Rutgers School of Law, Newark - November-2013
::   University of Oregon School of Law - October-2013
::   University of Houston Law Center - September-2013
::   The Notre Dame Law School - August-2013
::   School of Law Fordham University, NewYork - July-2013
::   Emory Law School, Atlanta - June-2013
::   Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York - May-2013
::   University of Tennessee College of Law - April-2013
::   The University of Maine School of Law - March-2013
::   University of Pennsylvania Law School - February-2013
::   Australian National Universty College of Law - January-2013
::   University of Minnesota Law School - December-2012
::   Stanford Law School - November-2012
::   University of Colorado Law School - October-2012
::   School of Law Columbia University - September-2012
::   University of Connecticut School of Law - August-2012
::   Tulane University Law School - July-2012
::   Gould School of Law University of Southern California - June-2012
::   Boston University School of Law - May-2012
::   The City Law School City University, London - April-2012
::   TC Beirne School of Law The University of Queensland, Australia - March-2012
::   Australian National University College of Law - February-2012
::   Flinders Law School, Australia - January-2012
::   TC Beirne School of Law University of Queensland, Australia - December-2011
::   School of Law Deakin University, Australia - November-2011
::   Faculty of Law Monash University, Australia - October-2011
::   Western State University College of Law, Fullerton, CA  - September-2011
::   University of New Hampshire School of Law - August-2011
::   Getting into Harvard Law School - August-2011
::   Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA - July-2011
::   Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago - May-2011
::   Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago - May-2011
::   Department of Law, London School of Economics - April-2011
::   Cardiff Law School, UK - March-2011
::   Yale Law School - January-2011
::   Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge - December-2010
::   HARVARD LAW SCHOOL - October-2010
::   The University of Washington School of Law - September-2010
::   The Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, Texas - August-2010
::   Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA - June-2010
::   The University of Illinois College of Law - April-2010
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