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  May 2016
  April 2016
  Case Study - Anoop K. Kaushal
::   Consent for Operation and Section 88 IPC
Dr. Gopinatha Pillai T.M. v. State of Kerala and Anr
- May-2016
::   Role of Investigating Officer in Criminal Negligence
Suresh and Selvaraj v. State of Tamil Nadu
- April-2016
::   Error of Judgment
Dr. Ram Avtar Garg v. Medical Council of India
- October-2015
::   Error of Judgment
Dr. Ram Avtar Garg v. Medical Council of India
- October-2015
::   Expert Opinion for Damages and Criminal Prosecution - September-2015
::   Safety of Delirious and Incoherent Patients is Responsibility of Hospital
Ashish Kumar Mazumdar v. Aishi Ram Batra Charitable Hospital Trust & Ors
- July-2015
::   Heads of Compensation
Smt. Himanchal Kumari v. The Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi
- May-2015
::   Mode of Proof for Treating Doctor as Expert Medical Witness  - April-2015
::   Treatment as per Standard Protocol is Not Negligence
M/s. Handa Nursing Home v. Ram Kali
- March-2015
::   Evidentiary Value of Treating Doctor
Kalpana v. Dr. K. Ramalakshmi and another
- February-2015
::   “facta probanda” and “facta probantia”
Dr. Joseph George v. M.R. Vijayakumar
- December-2014
::   Death by Prescription - November-2014
::   Previous Medical History and Pregnancy - August-2014
::   Evidentiary Value of State Medical Council’s Reports - July-2014
::   Retaining Patient Without Treatment Facilities
Sir Dorabji Tata Trust Aided Hospital, Chttanikkara v. Rajesawri
- June-2014
::   Doctors Should not Employ Unqualified Compounder - May-2014
::   Duty of Care during threatened abortion - April-2014
::   Morbidity of known complications and allegations of negligence - Santosh Kumar Das v. Dr. P.C. Dey - March-2014
::   Clinical Records and res ipsa loquitur - February-2014
::   Referral of patient is not abandonment of treatment
Babu Lal Gupta (Deceased) Through Legal Heirs v. Navjyoti Eye Centre
- January-2014
::   Medical Termination of Pregnancy and Protocol
Dr. Mohanbhai S. Patel v. Thakkar Baldevbhai Keshavlal & Ors
- December-2013
::   “Gross” Negligence for Criminal Action - November-2013
::   Criminal Negligence under Section 338 IPC
Dr. P.B. Desai v. State of Maharashtra
- October-2013
::   Lack of Ordinary Prudence and Error In Diagnosis
St. Stephens Hospital v.  Smt. Roshani Devi and Smt. Roshani Devi v. St. Stephens Hospital
- September-2013
::   Are members of State Medical Councils immune to criminal prosecutions ?
Dr. Asoke Kumar Chaudhuri and Ors. v. Dr. Kunal Saha
- August-2013
::   Scope of Damages in Failed Sterilization Operations
St. Stephens Hospital v. Smt. Shalini
- July-2013
::   Medical Malpractice and Regulatory Control
Goyal Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. v. Kishan Gopal Shukla
- June-2013
All India Institute of Medical Sciences v. Swarn Bedi
- May-2013
::   Major Surgeries and Life Support Systems
M. Rajavadivelu v. Janamma Hospital
- April-2013
::   Expert Opinion of Medical Boards
Anand Parkash v. Dr. Satya Sawant
- March-2013
::   Ethical Regulations For Indoor Patients
Mahesh Prasad Aggarwal v. Kamayani Patients Care India Ltd.
- February-2013
::   Known Complications
Smt. Talat Chaudhary v. All India Institute of Medical Sciences
- January-2013
::   Evidentiary value of Departmental Enquiry Against Government Doctor
Dr. Anil Jain v. Devendra Kumar
- December-2012
::   Institutes should update Diagnostic and Screening Tests
Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre v. Mrs. Harbans Kaur Chawla
- November-2012
::   Post-mortem report and res ipsa loquitor
Jangamgunta Balasubramanium v. Dr. Atluri Ravindranath
- October-2012
::   Administrative Anomalies and Professional Negligence
Rajat Jain v. M/s D.R. Nursing Home
- September-2012
::   Evidentiary Value of Expert Opinion
Arvind Pandey v. Dr. (Mrs.) Sulekha Saran
- August-2012
::   Burden of Proof in High Risk cases
CHL Apollo Hospital Indore v. Ashish Sanyal
- July-2012
::   Criminal liability in Obstetric Anomalies and Recovery of Compensation
Deep Nursing Home v. Manmeet Singh Mattewal
- June-2012
::   Pre-operative, Operating and Post-operative and Protocols for Surgery
Suresha Nanda v. Dr. Anoop Kumar
- May-2012
Shri Subhash Chand v. M.D. Jaipur Golden Hospital
- April-2012
::   Post Operative care: Hospitals to explain regimen followed
Gowri Gopal Hospital v. Sri P.Sudhakar and Sri P.Sudhakar v. Gowri Gopal Hospital
- February-2012
::   Visiting Consultant Alone Cannot Be Held Liable For Negligence  - January-2012
::   Quantum of Compensation and Deduction for Contributory Negligence
Dr. Kunal Saha v. Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee & Ors
- December-2011
::   Forums can return independent factual finding of Negligence
Dr. K.K. Mittal v. Virender Singh
- November-2011
::   Concrete Evidence of Negligence is required
Bethala Earnest John Martin v. Dr. N. Ammanna MD, DM (Nephro) and Ors.
- October-2011
::   Res Ipsa Loquitor Orthopaedic Surgeon administering anaesthesia! - August-2011
::   Res Ipsa Loquitur and Standard Texts - Tagore Heart Care and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. v. Mrs. Kanta - July-2011
::   Speciality in Orthopaedic cum Neurological Surgeries - Shri Virendra Singh v. National Institute of Medical Sciences - June-2011
::   Aircraft owner is not liable to pay the debts arising out of services provided to the Lessee of the Airport Authority - May-2011
::   Follow up Advise should be Specific & strictly Complied with - Dr.K.M.Madappa v. The President & Members,Karnataka State Consumer Redressal Comm. - April-2011
::   Evidentiary value of X-Ray in Orthopaedic Injuries - Dr. Ravinder Kumar v. Binay Kumar - March-2011
::   Death Due to Excessive Medicine - Dr. (Mrs.) V.C. Bendale v. Leela Veerajaneyulu - February-2011
::   Treatment records should be filed at the earliest stage by a hospital - Minor Marghesh K. Parikh v. Dr. Mayur H. Mehta - January-2011
::   Post-operative Complications and Law of Limitation - Dr. V.N. Shrikhande v. Mrs. Anita Sena Fernandes - December-2010
::   All Infections are not caused by Negligence - Routh Raheswari v. Dr. Uppalapati Venugopala Rao - November-2010
::   Discharge Summary should not be prepared without consulting the Operating Doctor - SMT. UMA MANSINGKA v. DR. VIJAY BATHWAL AND PRINCEP NURSING HOME - October-2010
::   Criminal Negligence of Hospitals - INDRAPRASTHA MEDICAL CORP. LTD. vs. STATE NCT OF DELHI & ORS - September-2010
::   Criminal Negligence of Hospitals - September-2010
::   Expert Medical Opinion is subject to Judicial Scrutiny - NIVEDITA SINGH v. DR. ASHA BHARTI - August-2010
::   Opinion of Medical Board has strong Evidentiary Value - AJAY KUMAR GARG v. DR. (LT. COL.) B.P. SINGH - July-2010
::   Pre-mature Retirement is a Pecuniary Losse A Cake Walk - A.U. Sukumaran v. N.S. D. Raju and Ors - June-2010
::   Right Health is Integral to Right to Life - State of Punjab v. Mohinder Singh Chawla , AIR 1997 SC 1225 - April-2010
::   Doctors need a Fare Mind to attend to Patients - Kusum Sharma v. Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre - March-2010
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