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  May 2016
  April 2016

How to get rid of Constipation

Lifestyle related health problems have suddenly seen a steep rise in the recent times. Part of the blame could be laid at the doorsteps of the consumerist culture that we seem to have adopted and the rest of the blame goes to our not caring enough for our own health. Blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders etc., are all some of the lifestyle related health issues, but constipation is one of those irritating conditions that can keep one bothered day long. And then there are related health issues that stem from constipation itself because the body can store waste only for a certain period of time beyond which the waste becomes harmful. This is why constipation can not be and must not be taken lightly. It is not really a disease, but is simply a condition that can be well taken care of with a few lifestyle and dietary changes.

Lawyers are known for their high stress lives, which makes it difficult for them to take care of their health and pay as much attention to their food intake as they should. During the early years of one's practice, lawyers tend to be very careless about their eating habits, which sometimes has long-term ill-effects and one of those ill-effects could be a tendency to suffer from constipation. So, if constipation is a regular occurrence with you, you must pay particular attention to your eating habits.

High fiber food is one thing that can keep constipation at bay naturally and effectively. So, instead of the white bread that you eat for breakfast, you could switch to brown bread. The morning parathas could make way for chappatis and so on.

Also, your liquid intake is crucial in fighting constipation. This is one area that is neglected very regularly and one would find all medical practitioners talking about drinking enough water and fluids to keep your body in better working condition. It is often recommended that one should drink as much as 8 glasses of water everyday. However, some of the experts dismiss it as nothing but a misconception. They are of the opinion that water requirement of each body is different and one cannot prescribe a certain amount of daily water intake. Having said that, it is still advisable that one drinks a good amount of plain water because despite the disagreement over whether or not a certain amount of water is necessary for all bodies, it is nobody's contention that optimum water intake is not an indispensable requirement for good health. It is, therefore, good if you could manage to drink at least 5 to 6 glasses of water everyday, if not 8. After all, eight glasses of water would not harm you in anyway. Sufficient water intake would ensure that you are never dehydrated, your skin looks healthy and your constipation issues are taken good care of.

Juices are also good source of water, minerals and vitamins. So, if you do not like drinking plain water without being thirsty, drinking juices could be a good option. Mixed fruit juice is good because it has more than one fruit juice, but if you are suffering from constipation, orange juice could be particularly helpful. Vegetable juices are also good for the same reason. So, when you get bored of drinking plain water and fruit juices, you could try vegetable juices for some time and alternate between fruit juices and vegetable juices. Water-rich fruits like water melon are good source of liquid and are easy to digest. So, if you get bored of drinking juices of all kinds, you might try such water-rich fruits.

However, although soft drinks are also made primarily of water, they are no substitute for juices. Besides, soft drinks increase the sugar content in the body, which does more harm than good. So, keep clear of the colas and other soft drinks.

High fat foods must also be avoided to get rid of constipation. Many a time we do not even realize that we are consuming fat. For instance, chicken is a good source of protein but has its share of fat. So, while preparing it at home, take the skin off and shred off as much fat around it as you can. But it is even better if you could keep your non-vegetarian food intake at the minimal. You could try non-vegetarian items once or twice a week, because more non-vegetarian food may worsen your constipation.

Most of the people do not realize that constipation does not only occur because of bad food habits but also due to lack of physical activity. Mornings are particularly good for physical activity and it is not necessary for you to join a gym and start vigorous weight training. Normal cardiovascular exercises performed without the aid of any equipment are good enough to keep you fit, and go a long way in keeping constipation at bay.

If you sleep late, which most of the lawyers do, it is one thing you must work hardest upon. You must try sleeping early and try doing the work you do during the night in the early hours of the morning. You could simply leave bed early, do 40 minutes of stretching, brisk walking and jogging, and then get back to work for a few hours before starting your regular day of work. Mornings are generally good for both exercise and work because the body is well rested and rather cheerful.

You could also set aside sometime to relax and do things that are necessary for health and peace of mind. If possible, this relaxation time should be some time during the day so that you also get some time off work, which would do a lot of good to your work when you get back to it. In this time off you could drink water, which you might be otherwise too busy to drink in the required quantity, and take juice and do some leisurely reading. Taking time off is a good strategy for work and health both, for it rejuvenates both your body and mind, which, in turn, betters your concentration and boosts regular bodily functions.

Dietary and lifestyle changes mentioned above must be undertaken gradually because any sudden change might not be received very well by the body and one might fall ill. Do not change your diet pattern all of a sudden, and, also, do not start exercising too vigorously from day one. Take your time and let the body take to the changes smoothly. Giving shock to the body is never a good idea.


Note: This is not a piece of authoritative medical opinion or advice

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