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  May 2016
  April 2016

Acai berry: Health benefits of the newest Wonder Food

Life today is getting increasingly complex and hectic. The way modern living is evolving is perhaps not the way nature intended it to evolve, which is why some of the lifestyle diseases have become life threatening. Therefore, something has to be done to prevent the massive damage that our surroundings and lifestyle could cause to us. Living healthy is the mantra, but when one gets to actually doing it, it starts consuming lots of time and quite a lot of energy. And soon one finds the whole business of living healthy a little too cumbersome, and as the initial zest wears away we tend to slip back into our old unhealthy lifestyles. And then sometime later we realize that we have strayed away from the path of healthy living, we return only to stray again. The cycle continues and despite having trying hard we still fall prey to lifestyle diseases for the simple reason that we fail to be consistent enough.

Nobody can take as good care of us as the nature itself and since we are staying away from it, the only way out is to bring nature and its goodness closer to ourselves. We have known since time immemorial that the most magical solutions to our health problems are to be found somewhere in the lap of Mother Nature, which is the reason why whenever a herb or a seed with great health benefits is found, it is hailed as something sent for man straight down from heaven. Currently, the status is being enjoyed by Acai berry. And it is not without reason that Acai berry is being looked upon as one of the greatest health discoveries in the recent times.

For the uninitiated, Acai berry looks much like grape. It's small, round and black with a purplish hint but has considerably less pulp than grape. It has a single large seed.

Acai berry has very high levels of key antioxidants along with omega 3 fatty acid, amino acids, fiber, iron and numerous other minerals and vitamins. Although most of the world was not very familiar with Acai berry, people inhabiting the Amazon region in the northern end of Brazil have not only been familiar with the fruit but have also been very conscious of its health benefits for hundreds of years now.

Acai berry comes with invaluable health benefits such as promoting sound sleep, improving mental clarity, supplying vital vitamins to the body besides cleansing and detoxifying the body of the toxins. It has also been known to bolster the immune system, enhance sexual desire and performance and has also been found to be helpful in combating cancerous cell.

Acai berry retards the aging process and thus prolongs the youth. It has alleviating effect on diabetes and also helps in normalizing and regulating the cholesterol levels apart from helping the heart to function better and more efficiently. Also, it enhances blood circulation and improves vision.


There are several benefits of using Acai berry as part of one's daily nutrition intake. One of the benefits of Acai berry is weight loss. Although there have been no researches to connect the two, the fiber and antioxidants that are found in Acai berry are considered good for weight loss. One could try it without fear of side effects for the purpose of losing excess weight.

Acai berry can also improve one's energy levels by inducing sound sleep. A good sleep goes a long way in making body more efficient in extracting nutrition from the food and making one feel energetic and lively, which in turn promotes the feeling of wellbeing.

It is a proven fact that food rich in anti-oxidants can substantially cut down one's risk of heart diseases. And since Acai berry is rich in anti-oxidants, it could turn out to be magic option for the heart patients and also those who are more likely to develop a heart condition. The berry also reduces bad cholesterol, which is another major benefit one could derive from Acai berry.

Besides, Acai berry provides a good deal of amino acids of fine quality to the body, which helps the body in proper muscle contraction and regeneration making one physically stronger and better equipped to deal with the wear and tear that comes with age. Therefore, Acai berry retards aging process in many ways.

While taking in the form of juice, Acai juice can be mixed with other juices if one does not like the idea of taking the same juice day after day. Besides, mixing with other juices makes the juice thus prepared more wholesome and diverse in minerals and vitamins. So, with the benefit of Acai you can also mix the goodness of other fruits.

Another remarkable story doing the rounds is regarding the British pilots who used to take large amounts of bilberry jam during World War II before embarking upon risky mission because according to them bilberry jam improved their night vision remarkably. Scientists have reportedly found that the improvement of night vision on consumption of bilberry jam is attributable to an uncommon kind of antioxidant found in the bilberry called 'anthocyanins'. Anthocyanins is also found in good quantity in Acai berry. It is also being claimed that some of the other antioxidants found in Acai berry fight various other eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Acai berry can be taken in many forms. Acai berry pulp is available in frozen form in the market and can be taken as part of food. However, some people might find the taste of the pulp rather bland, in which case one could make other dishes using the pulp as one of the ingredients, thereby utilizing the goodness of Acai without having to compromise on taste.

Acai berry juice is also quite a healthy option. However, the quantity of antioxidants in Acai berry juice is considerably lower than in pulp form. But then one could drink the juice more often and in larger quantities than one could eat the pulp or any other dish prepared with it as an ingredient.

Due to the great health benefits of Acai berry and the kind of publicity it has been getting of late, Acai health products are in the market in great quantity. And since the demand is huge, some of the traders have started indulging in malpractices, which necessitates one's being very careful while buying an Acai berry product lest one should fall prey to duplicity.

Therefore, while purchasing Acai berry products just ensure that you are dealing with a dependable seller, and you could revert to the store if you find the product unsatisfactory. And, of course, it is better to purchase a branded Acai berry product than going for an unbranded one.


Note: This is not a piece of authoritative medical opinion or advice.

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