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  May 2016
  April 2016

Stronger Immune System for Disease-Free Life

Advocate Srivastava was doubtlessly one of the finest lawyers in the city. What made him incomparable was his grip on the law and his understanding of the way the arguments in each case must proceed so as to ensure that his client's case was satisfactorily made before the court. He would go to extraordinary lengths to prepare the case and the arguments to be made and would present his client's side in the most persuasive manner without sounding aggressive in the least. Advocate Srivastava's ability to be assertive without slightest aggression was the ability that was greatly appreciated by the judges and his fellow lawyers alike.

Advocate Srivastava was all set to rise to great heights in the legal profession. And he was working hard towards it. The only fight he was not being able to win for years was his failing health. He was no weak in the mind, but his body refused to be as steadfast as his mind was. He continually fell ill and suffered from one thing or the other all the time. He would catch cold every now and then, get fever nearly every month and the slightest infection, viral or bacterial, could have him readily down.

What further complicated things was his passion for work. He would ignore his illness and continue to put in hard work day in, day out, which only prolonged recovery. Finally, his doctor decided to perform a thorough check-up on him to find as to what was it that was keeping Advocate Srivastava down with one ailment or the other. The doctor, with the kind of experience he had, had long suspected that it had something to do with the immune system. After a few tests and after closely and carefully monitoring Advocate Srivastava for a considerable duration, he advised him to take certain measures to boost his weak immune system so that his body could deal with infections and diseases better.

The problem of weak immune system is not a problem particular to the lawyers. Each one of us has more or less effective immune system. It is important to understand that the stronger one's immune system, the better one's chances of living a disease-free life. All one has to do is make some changes in one's diet and lifestyle and throw in 40 minutes or so of physical exercise, and one's immune system would be ready to deal with the environmental, bacterial and viral onslaught allowing you to work without worrying much about falling sick.

Certain supplements like Vitamin B do a great deal of good to one's immune system because they produce red blood cells in good number, and the RBCs carry life-giving oxygen to the cells, which enables each cell to fight infections better. Vitamin B supplements are found in forms of capsules and tablets, but it is always better to take such natural products that are rich in Vitamin B rather than taking it in pills.

Vitamin C is also very important for one's immune system. It not only boosts the immune system but is also known to make one stronger. This is because it is one of the essential elements in collagen, which means that the intake of sufficient amount of Vitamin C makes one's tendons and ligaments stronger making one's joints flexible, stronger and less prone to injury. Vitamin C also helps keep skin healthy and retards ageing. So, if you are worried about looking older for your years, you could try increasing your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruits like pineapple, orange, strawberry, papaya, grapes, etc.

Another known immunity booster found in nature is Zinc. The mineral is essentially for the efficient functioning of one's immune system because it helps the body produce White Blood Cells (WBCs), and the WBCs are indispensable for an effective immune system. Since Zinc is an overall immunity booster, a rise in Zinc intake would automatically reduce the duration of common cold and flu. Most of the vegetables have Zinc in ample supply. However, to preserve Zinc the vegetables must not be over-cooked.

Garlic is an excellent immunity booster with widely acknowledged healing properties. It has an active component known as allicin, which has strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal andante anti-viral capabilities. However, in order to derive garlic's maximum medicinal benefit one must eat fresh garlic after crushing it well. It has been noticed that chopping or crushing garlic makes it easier for the body to absorb allicin better. Consuming garlic this way has been found to be very effective against upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and ear infections. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is completely safe because it does not have any side effects, which is always a cause of worry in case of the antibiotic medicines manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies.

Turmeric is generally used as part of the spices in Indian food preparations and has high medicinal value. It is high in anti-oxidants and has effective anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is a known natural healer. It is curcumin in turmeric that gives it its anti-inflammatory property and the bright yellow colour.

Turmeric has been found to have a rare substance called lipopolysacharide, which has the capacity to make the immune system more active and effective, and, thus, more capable and efficient.

Furthermore, many medical researches have concluded that turmeric helps warding off cancer because it is capable of neutralizing chemicals and free radicals that can cause damage to the cells. Turmeric, by neutralizing these damaging elements, prevents the growth of tumors that might turn out to be malignant. One doesn't need to consume a lot of turmeric to benefit from its medicinal properties. Small amount of turmeric regularly added to food is good enough.

So far as lifestyle changes are concerned, physical exercise is one thing that must be made room for in your everyday life. Both cardiovascular exercises and weight training workouts are known to improve blood circulation, flexibility of muscles and bones and prepare the body better to withstand infections and everyday environmental ill-effects like the sun, dirt and pollution.

Not that you must join a gym for exercise. The park in front of your house is all the equipment you would need to keep yourself in good shape. You just need to get up every morning and do some brisk walking, moderate stretching and bit of running and skipping. When it comes to physical exercise, the key is regularity.

Another area that people, particularly lawyers, tend to easily ignore is sleep. Body develops immunity and works on the injuries best when one is asleep. Therefore, adequate sleep is indispensable for good health.

So, eat well, do some physical exercise and allow enough rest to your body, and you would not only fall ill on fewer occasions but would also be fitter and stronger.


Note: This is not a piece of authoritative medical opinion or advice

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