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Principle: The obligation to maintain parents who are unable to maintain themselves which was moral upto 1973 has now been made legal.

Factual Situation: After her marriage Dr. Vijaya continued her medical practice but she no longer maintained her old parents who were sick and bedridden and had no other means. They sued their daughter for maintenance.


(a) The parents will not succeed as Dr. Vijaya is now married

(b) The parents will not succeed because Dr. Vijaya's responsibility is now towards her husband and his parents

(c) The parents will succeed because a daughter after her marriage does not cease to be the daughter of her father or mother

(d) None of these.

The answer is (c)


In the given question, more than two conclusions are given. Find out, which of the conclusions logically follows from the given premise.

STATEMENTS: Some men are goats.

All goats are jackals.


(I) Some men are jackals.

(II) Some jackals are men.

(III) All jackals are goats.

(IV) Some goats are men.

(a) Only (I) and (II) follow

(b) Only (III) and (IV) follow

(c) Only (IV) follows

(d) All follow

The answer is (d)


In a survey carried out in a railway station, the following data was recorded:

                                                                                                         Arrivals         Departures

Number of trains observed                                                    1395                  1488

Number of timely arrivals/ departures                            1247                 1402

Delays upto 30 minutes                                                            112                      79

Delay between 30 minutes and one hour                           31                       6

Delays beyond one hour                                                           5                         1

If the punctuality of railways is defined as the number of occasions on which trains arrived or departed in time as a proportion of total number of arrivals or departures from the station, what was the punctuality for the month under observation at the station? (in % terms)

(a) 81.1

(b) 91.9

(c) 89.4

(d) 94.2

The answer is (b).

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