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Principle: "Benami transaction" means a "transaction" in which property is transferred to one person for a consideration paid by another. This definition does not apply if purchase is made by a person in favour of his wife or unmarried daughter. Any person who enters into a "Benami transaction" shall be punished with imprisonment for three years.

Factual Situation: Ashok, a rich industrialist, buys a plot of land in the name of his concubine. Is Ashok liable to imprisonment for three years?


(a) No, because the exception applies to his case

(b) Yes, because he has entered into a Benami transaction

(c) Yes, because exception does not apply to his case

(d) Both (b) and (c)

The answer is (d)


Train A crosses a pole in 33 seconds and another Train B crosses a pole in 55 seconds. Length of Train A is three-fourth of Train B . What is the respective ratio between the speed of Train A and Train B ?

(a) 5:11

(b) 5:4

(c) 11:3

(d) 19:11

The answer is (b)


Five persons are standing in a line in a ceremony. One of the two persons standing at the extreme ends is a General Manager and the other one is Senior Manager. The Deputy General Manager is standing to the right of the Assistant General Manager. A Deputy Manager is to the left of the Senior Manager. The Assistant General Manager is standing between the General Manager and the Deputy General Manager. Counting from the left, what is the position of the Deputy General Manager?

(a) First

(b) Third

(c) Second

(d) Fifth

The answer is (c)

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