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Legal Principle : A contract of bailment is where one person leaves his goods in the control of other person for a specific period upon the expiry of which they will be returned.

Factual Situation: Amar had a safety deposit locker with a bank where Prem was the manager. All lockers required two keys to be opened, of which one was with the customer and the other was with the manager, Prem. One day when Amar came to operate his locker, Prem fraudently severed the lock pertaining to Amar's key thereby ensuring that the locker required only one key to be opened. That night he made off with all of Amar's valuables.


(a) The goods were left in the control of the bank and thus they are responsible for the loss.
(b) The bank is not reponsible for any such act.
(c) The fact that the customer had one key without which the locker could not be operated meant that the goods were not in the control of the bank and thus the bank is not liable.
(d) Since Prem severed the customer's lock and since he was employed with the bank which thus came into full control of the locker, the bank is liable.

The answer is (d).


Questions 1-4

Seven consecutive time slots for a broadcast, numbered in chronological order 1 through 7, will be filled by six song tapes- G,H,L,O,P,S- and exactly one news tape. Each tape is to be assigned to a different time slot, and no tape is longer than any other tape. The broadcast is subject to the following restrictions:

L must be played immediately before O

The news tape must be played at some time after L

There must be exactly two time slots between G and P, regardless of whether G comes before or whether G comes after P.

1. If G is played second, which one of the following tapes must be played third?

(a) The News
(b) H
(c) L
(d) O

2. If H and S are to be scheduled as far from each other as possible, then the first, the second and the third time slots could be filled, respectively, by

(a) G,H and L
(b) S, G, and the News
(c) H,G and L
(d) H,L and O

3. If P is played fifth, L must be played

(a) first
(b) second
(c) third
(d) fourth

4. Which one of the following is the latest time slot in which L can be played?

(a) third
(b) fourth
(c) fifth
(d) sixth

The answers are: 1 (c), 2. (c), 3. (c), 4. (c)


1. Which one of the following statement is the converse of the statement: "If a manager is not well, then his subordinate has to go for the meeting"?

(a) If the manager is well, he is himself likely to go for the meeting.
(b) If the manager is well, then his subordinate will go to the meeting.
(c) If the manager is not well, then the subordinate will not go for the meeting
(d) None of the above

The answer is (a).

2. Which one of the following statements is the inverse of the statement: "If the Director wants timely completion of work he should provide independent cabins to employees?"

(a) If independent cabins are there, there would be timely completion of work.
(b) If there are no independent cabins then there would be no timely completion of work.
(c) Independent cabins to employees will help in providing timely completion of work
(d) None of the above

The answer is (c).

3. If Ram likes ice cream more than pizzas, burgers more than shakes and shakes more than ice cream which one of the following is not true?

(a) He likes pizzas more than burgers
(b) He likes burgers more than pizzas
(c) He likes shakes more than pizzas
(d) He likes burgers more than ice cream

The answer is (d).

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