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  May 2016
  April 2016
Book Review
President of India on Emergency (1975-1977)
By Janak Raj Jai

“The author is pained and rightly that a recent book on EDr. Janak Raj Jai is a well known scholar in the legal arena. He is acclaimed as a fearless fighter for truth and liberty. At the commencement of the Emergency (1975) he showed a mirror to Smt. Indira Gandhi. She did not like the truthful image and like a true dictator ordered Dr. Jai to be incarcerated and subjected to ill-treatment. Dr. Jai remained in prison for almost 20 months till released by the Janata government.

It was natural for such an individual to read the account of the infamous Emergency of 1975 as described by President Pranab Mukherjee in his book The Dramatic Decade . He was totally disappointed. Like all other readers he had expected that the President would uncover the truth for now he has nothing to fear. But a lifetime habit of cowardice and sycophancy is hard to give up. We all know of a President who administered oath of office of the Prime Minister to a person who was yet to be elected leader by the party. Another President showed his loyalty to the ruling family by going to welcome the Prime Minister at the airport. Congress has produced a line of Presidents whose prime devotion is not truth or country but the 'ruling family'.

Shri Mukherjee has tried to paint Justice Shah black by stating that he had pre-conceived notions and was prejudiced.

He asserts that Smt. Gandhi had little knowledge of the constitutional provisions and that she was not to be blamed for the 'so called' excesses.

Dr. Jai has a basketful of instances and facts which demolish the claims of Shri Mukherjee. He states the true facts supported by unimpeachable evidence and proves that what Pranabda has written is full of 'suggestio falsi and suppressio veri'. Pranabda has tried in vain to defend the dictatorship which killed democracy.

Some instances given by Dr. Jai are:

1. Smt. Gandhi accepted the advice of S.S. Ray, Dev Kant Baruah and Om Mehta and disregarded the opinion of Nani Palkhivala and D.D. Thakur. All the time she knew what she was doing. Her sole object was to remain in power by hook or by crook.

2. Almost 2 lakh persons were imprisoned. Who will believe Smt. Gandhi did not know it'?

3. Jaya Prakash Narain, Morarji Bhai, Mohan Dharia, Chandrashekhar, Bhim Sen Sachar (former C.M.) and many other congressmen were also detained.

4. Vijay Raje Scindia, Maharani Gayatri Devi and Co1. Bhavani Singh were detained under the orders of Pranab Mukherjee who had obtained approval of the PM.

5. Who gave power to Sanjay Gandhi to act as virtual P.M. ordering about Chief Ministers and directing persons to be detained?

6. Mukherjee has hurt the whole nation by writing "JP's histrionics clearly highlighted ...". The use of the word histrionics for actions of J.P. shows the depraved thinking of Mukherjee; J.P. never aspired for power (which was offered to him on the platter even by Nehru) while Smt. Gandhi's sole aim was to retain power.

In support of J.P., Dr. Jai quotes none other than Mahatma Gandhi."He (J.P.) has forsaken all for the sake of deliverance of the country ..."

7. Smt. Gandhi was acquitted by the Supreme Court not because she was not guilty of corrupt practices but because she got the c onstitution amended and R.P. Act changed retrospectively and took away the jurisdiction of the e lection t ribunal.

8. There was no disturbance or insurgency in the country. The peaceful atmosphere of the country was polluted by the power hungry Smt. Gandhi and her team of loyal sycophants. The declaration of emergency was totally without factual foundation.

There are many more examples which a reader would notice in Dr. Jai's book under review. The author has shown that Pranab Mukherjee has done a great disservice to the country, the c onstitution and lakh of citizens who suffered during that period for no fault of theirs.

The author has performed his duty as an untiring scholar to unveil the truth. It is now for the country and history to judge the conduct of the President who has presented false, misleading and untrue information and made tendentious imputations against such noble souls as Jaya Prakash Narain and Justice J.C. Shah.

Dr. Jai has the gratitude of millions of his fellow countrymen and of freedom lovers all over the world for daring to expose the President and supporting the truth.

Brij Kishore Sharma
Former Addl. Secretary of the Government of India

Publisher : Universal Law Publishing, New Delhi,

(Print Version)
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(Registered Post & Courier)

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