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  May 2016
  April 2016
"It is an attempt to relieve the mind, heart and body of not only the lawyers
who are under huge work pressure but also of all our readers,
who are facing the very common and ever increasing problem of stress."


We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body.

Next in the series is:


Janu" means "knee" and "hasta" means "hand" in Sanskrit. The hand is made to rest near the knee in this posture, hence the name.

Benefits: It promotes proper blood circulation around the waistline and downwards.

Procedure : First take the sitting position where you sit with both legs together and stretched, toes erect, spine erect and both hands straight and palms resting on the floor. Then, like in Vajrasana, place both the palms on the ground ahead of knees touching each other, push neck backwards and chest forward with waist pushed downwards, in this posture relax all the muscles. Continue normal breathing.

Caution : People having stiff joints and having difficulty in movement should perform with utmost care.

Healthy Food


Coconut fruit of the coco palm ( Cocos nucifera ), has only 140 calories and provides 17% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for calcium. With a zero content of cholesterol, coconut flesh is good for those suffering from constipation. Coconut is good for building up the body muscles of thin and emaciated individuals. Coconut milk is good for curing sore throat and even helps relieve stomach ulcers. Coconut water has been found to be beneficial for people with kidney problems and is believed to lessen the rashes caused by smallpox, chickenpox and measles. Coconut water is said to be good for the skin. Coconut water is also used to treat intestinal worms and relieves stomach and urinary problems. Coconut oil has been found to be beneficial in case of Stress, Heart Diseases, High Cholesterol Levels, Too Much Weight, Kidney Problems, Poor Digestion, Low Metabolism, High Blood Pressure, Low Immunity, Dental Problems and Diabetes.

Recipe of the Month

Coconut Cake


  • 2 cups Flour (maida)
  • 1 cup melted Ghee or Butter
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 cup Dry Coconut Powder
  • 4 tea spoons Sugar
  • 1 tin Condensed Milk (300-400 gms)
  • 2 tea spoons of Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tea spoon of Baking Soda (meetha soda)
  • Few drops of Lemon Juice
  • Chopped Dry Fruits

Method: Sieve the flour, baking powder, baking soda together at least 3 times. Take a mixing bowl and beat condensed milk, ghee, water and sugar for 5 minutes. Now mix the sieved ingredients and beat the whole mix for 5 minutes. In the end mix the dry coconut powder and few drops of lemon juice. Again beat the whole mix for about 2 minutes. Pour the mixture into greased pan. Sprinkle the dry fruits on the top and bake in a preheated oven for about 45-50 minutes at 180 o C. Cool before slicing.

Diet Tip : Drink lots of fruit juices which will help increase your calorie intake.

Happy Holidays


Hyderabad is the capital and the most popular city of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad can very well be called a tourists' paradise. There are many places of interest for tourists in Hyderabad like the elegant structure of the Charminar , the wonderful monument with its four arches. Golconda Fort was famous for its diamond mines in olden days. The world-renowned 'Kohinoor' diamond is believed to have come from here. The hills around the fort lend a mysterious charm and colossal grandeur to the gigantic fort. The Paigah Tombs are unique specimens of extraordinary artistry that is ardently visible in the wonderfully inlaid mosaic work. The Qutub Shahi Tombs are a perfect blend of Indian and Persian architectural forms, constructed in gray granite decorated with exquisite ornamentation. Another attraction of these tombs is that every year the State Government authorities conduct a 'Deccan Festival', which is exclusive to the city of Hyderabad with these tombs. Raymond's Tomb is a symbol of great respect and till date people from all over the city pay respect on the death anniversary of the late army general by lighting incense sticks near the tomb. Salar Jung Museum is the only museum that has the largest compilation of personally collected artifacts from all around the world. Hyderabad is also famous for its beautiful lakes. Some lakes even offer adventure sports like para sailing, water scooter, etc. Gandhipet Lake is also known as Osman Sagar Lake . Hussain Sagar Lake is the largest man-made Lake in Asia. The Shamirpet Lake is a very fine-looking lake and also has a Deer Park in the vicinity. There are also many religious places like the famous Birla Mandir of Hyderabad. The spotless white marble temple situated on an elevated ground shining under the bright sun, is an alluring sight to any one watching it for the first time. You can visit the Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah and the Mecca Masjid which is the oldest and largest mosque of this city. In St. Joseph's Cathedral you can hear the rhythmical bells, which are perfectly attuned to the serene atmosphere of the church. Visit Hyderabad's first ever proper club as well as family hangout zone known as Treasure Island. Get ready to kick up your heels and enjoy the wild rides in ocean. No, not the real ocean! Ocean Park is an amusement park that offers all the thrills of being at the ocean, literally. The Birla Planetarium in Hyderabad is an accolade to the advances made in technology and science since the dawn of human civilization. Dhola-Ri-Dhani offers plays, dances, puppet shows and other variety programmes for the whole family plus has a mini handicrafts market worth meandering through. Dhola-Ri-Dhani is a classic setting, recreated with rustic ambience and charm of an ethnic Rajasthani village. Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park is situated in Vanasthalipuram, which is around 15 kilometers from the city. The Ramoji Film City is located about 35 kilometres from the Hyderabad city. A tour to the Ramoji Film Studio will tell you why it is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the largest film studios in the world. It is a place where realism obtains all the traits of enchantment and inconceivable. Shilparamam is an arts and crafts village exhibiting various art forms and handicrafts of diverse artists from all over the country. The Temple of Yadagirigutta is situated at a height of 300 feet on a hill, in Nalogonda district of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is famous and attracts a huge number of local devotees and outsiders. So if you want to soothe your eyes with the scenic view of an old monument against the backdrop of an evening sky, come and visit Hyderabad!

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