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  May 2016
  April 2016

“It is an attempt to relieve the mind, heart and body of not only the Lawyers who are under huge work pressure but also of all our readers, who are facing the very common and ever increasing problem of stress.”

Your body

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body.


"Paschim" stands for 'posterior' or 'back' and "Uttan" refers to 'stretched'. In this pose the entire back region of the body gets stretched.


  • Relaxes the entire body with the stretching of the muscles of neck, chest, shoulders, the spinal column, abdomen, hips, waist, legs and feet;
  • Helpful in slimming down a flabby waist;
  • Spinal column gets supple and flexible;
  • Activates the pancreas; hence diabetic patients should perform this asana;
  • With the pressing of the abdomen the inner organs attain strength;
  • Deformities of the spine are treated and thus the pose helps in correcting the posture;
  • Lung capacity is expanded due to stretching of the rib cage.

Procedure: Sit in Sukhasana with your legs stretched out together in front. Straighten your neck, head and spine. Make sure legs are not bent at the knees. Place your palms on the corresponding knees. Move your trunk and head forward and then gradually bend them down. Simultaneously, slide your palms along the shin of your legs to reach the toes. Grasp the big toes of the respective feet with the thumb, index and middle finger. Your head should be placed in between the two arms. Pull your toes and bend your head and trunk further downward arching the spine. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Bend your arms and slide your elbows down on either side to rest on the ground. Pull in your stomach. Taking support of the elbows, bend your head further downward to touch the forehead on the knees. Complete exhalation. Hold your breath and remain in this posture for as long as you can. Release the toes and return to the sitting position. Straighten your spine and return to normal breathing.

Caution :

  • Never practice the pose on a full tummy;
  • Hernia and slipped disc patients should avoid this yoga pose.

Healthy Food

Jujube berry or Ber

Ber is the Urdu name for the fruit of the tree Zizyphus vulgaris , or mauritania or sativa and is called the jujube berry in English. It is also known as the Indian jujube or Chinese date. Ber has calming properties and is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The fruit can be used to alleviate anxiety and insomnia. Jujuboside A is a powerful natural chemical that affects the hippocampus and is used as a natural sleep aid. Besides containing anti- oxidants which fight cancer causing free radicals, ber contains 20 times more vitamin C than citrus, vitamin A and B2, 18 out of the 24 required amino acids, and minerals like potassium and calcium. The most common health benefits of the Jujube fruit is to soothe injured or inflammed skin.

Recipe of the Month

Ber Butter


  • 30 odd Ber pieces
  • ½ cup sugar
  • zest of one lemon and juice of half a lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Few cloves
  • Water to cover the Ber

Method: Chop the ber so that the stems and seeds are out. Combine the fruit, water, lemon zest, and lemon juice in the sauce pan and bring to a boil. Lower heat and cook until the mixture softens. Add sugar and cook until the mixture darkers. Move the ber butter to a jar.

Happy Holidays


Puducherry has a special ambience and charm unlike any other city in South India. The city has many beautiful colonial buildings, churches, temples, and statues, which, combined with the systematic town planning and the well planned French style avenues, still preserve much of the colonial ambience. An ideal abode of peace and resplendence, the place harbours some of the major tourist spots of the country. Shri Aurobindo Ashram is a centre for the practice of internal yoga and has been instrumental in creating the spiritual feel in the city. Auroville is located about 10 km north of Puducherry. It is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and harmony, irrespective of their nationalities, faiths and beliefs. Arikamedu located at a distance of 6 km from Puducherry is an archaeological site and also has an Archaeological Museum which exhibits a fine sculpture gallery and archaeological findings dating back to the Roman settlement at Arikamedu. There is also a section which charts the history of the colony under the French.

Puducherry Beach is a 1.5 km long promenade with several landmarks like the statues of Mahatma Gandhi and the famous French Governor Dupleix, the 27 metres tall lighthouse and the elegant war memorial erected by the French. The Government Park or Bharati Park is known for its beautiful lush trees and is located in the green centre of the French Town. This park is the most appreciated public area in the town and is a popular picnic destination of the families. It is also well known for the attractive monument of 'Aayi Mandapam' . There are numerous churches in Puducherry that are worth visiting. Few of the most popular are: Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus- this famous church was built in the Gothic style and is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges- this church is located on Rue Dumas and was built in 1865. It has a beautiful oil painting of 'Our Lady of Assumption ' that was donated by Napoleon III; Eglise de Notre Dame de Lourdes is situated on the outskirts of Puducherry and is built on the same pattern as the Basilica at Lourdes in France. Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara Temple at Villianur is just ten kilometres away from Puducherry. It is a very old and beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Botanical Garden dates back to 1826 and is home to several species of rare and beautiful trees and plants. This place is a delight for nature lovers. Apart from the pleasant atmosphere, natural beauty and pristine beaches, superb cuisines attract many travellers to this excellent tourist spot.

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