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  May 2016
  April 2016

The Faculty of Law was established in 1924 and the then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi, Dr. Hari Singh Gaur was its first Dean. There were major innovations in the method of teaching: the discussion method of teaching (the Socratic method of teaching) was to be followed and not simply the lecture method where students were merely passive recipients of information.

The Faculty of Law now has three Law Centres: The Campus Law Centre (CLC) and Law Centre-I (LC-I) in the Faculty of Law building (University North Campus) on Chhatra Marg, Delhi-110007 and Law Centre-II (LC-II) in the Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam College building at Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi-110021. Each Law Centre has its own teaching faculty and administrative staff (headed by a Professor-in-charge). The Faculty has been admitting students from many foreign countries such as Bhutan, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ukraine and Vietnam, etc. to the various programmes.

Courses Offered

The Faculty of Law offers following programmes:

Doctor of Civil Laws (D.C.L.): The Degree of Doctor of Civil Laws is a two years course. The Degree of Doctor of Civil Laws will be awarded on the merit of the published work of the candidate which he has produced independently. Doctor of Civil Laws (D.C.L.) is taught at Faculty of Laws, (North Campus). The candidate may be eligible to submit work for the Degree of Doctor of Civil Laws if three years have elapsed since the candidate obtained the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy either, of the University of Delhi or, of any other Statutory University, provided that he is a teacher of the Delhi University and has served in that capacity for at least three consecutive years after obtaining such a degree, and, has engaged himself in active research work.

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.): The course for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws shall extend over a period of 3 academic years, i.e. six terms in all. LL.B. is taught at morning centre in Campus Law Centre and in evening at Law Centre-I and also in Law Centre-II. Admissions are made through a common Entrance Test for all the three Law Centres i.e. Campus Law Centre, Law Centre-I and Law Centre-II.

LL.M. : LL.M. two-year course is meant for those students who are not in any kind of service, employment, trade, business or profession. An affidavit in the prescribed form will be required to be submitted by a candidate wishing to pursue this course before he/she is allowed to be admitted to the two-year course. LL.M. is taught at Faculty of Law, (North Campus). Admissions are made through an Entrance Test conducted by Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) : Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) is a two years course. This course is meant only for foreign nationals with foreign law degrees. In all, not more than ten students shall be admitted to this course. Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) is taught at Faculty of Law (North Campus). A foreign national, who has obtained a Degree of Bachelor of Laws or any other Law Degree from a country other than India with not less than 50% marks, which entitles him to practise in his own country, may be admitted to the course of Master of Law to be known as Master of Comparative Law.

Ph.D. in Law : Ph.D. in Law is a two years or maximum 5 years course. The Degree of the Doctor of Philosophy may be granted in any Faculty of the University. Ph.D. shall be organised by Board of Research Studies, one each for Humanities, for Sciences, for Medical Sciences, for Law, for Music, for Technology and for Inter-disciplinary and Applied Sciences. Ph.D. in Law is taught at Faculty of Law (North Campus).


There are twelve hostels for male and female students who are pursuing full-time courses in the University. These are: Gwyer Hall, International Students House, Jubilee Hall, Mansarovar Hostel, Post-Graduate Men's Hostel, University Hostel for Women, Meghdoot Hostel, D. S. Kothari, V. K. R. V. Rao Hostel, International Students House for Women, North East Students House and W.U.S. University Hostel. However, hostel facilities will be available only to Campus Law Centre and LL.M. 2 year course students as per rules and procedure.


The Faculty of Law Library has a rich collection of books, journals and periodicals. This library caters to the needs of all the students, research scholars and teachers of the Faculty. In addition, the Law Centre-I and Law Centre-II have their own libraries which are used mainly by the students and teachers of the concerned Law Centre.

The Faculty Journal

The Faculty has been publishing a journal titled "Delhi Law Review" since 1972 and Law Centre-II a journal titled "National Capital Law Journal" since 1996.

Legal Services Programme

The Faculty has been running a Legal Services Programme since the early seventies. The programme is sustained by the voluntary participation of the law students, teachers and lawyers who are inspired by the legal aid ideals. The main objectives of Legal Services Programme are to: (a) impart clinical legal education, (b) provide social service opportunities, and (c) impart socially relevant legal education. The Faculty's recent legal services programme includes legal services at the Beggars' Court, the Juvenile Justice Board and visit to the Tihar Jail. The Faculty has a comprehensive programme for clinical legal education with a view to undertake activities such as moot courts, legal aid services, legal awareness and professional skills development for the students of all the three Law Centres, in addition to curricular course on clinical legal education and practical training.


Faculty of Law
University of Delhi
Delhi-110 007
Phone: 27667483, 27667725/ 1510, 1511, 1676 (EPABX).
Email: lawfaculty@vsnl.net
Website: www.du.ac.in


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