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  May 2016
  April 2016
The University of Illinois College of Law

The University of Illinois College of Law is one of the most prestigious law schools in the Midwest and one of the best public law schools in the country. UIUC has built up a strong reputation for itself, earning a great measure of respect among members of the legal community. Accordingly, Chicago firms, only a few hours away, look to the law school each year to hire top-quality graduates. The U.S. News and World Report ranking for 2010 moved the law school up five spots to 23 rd . College of Law faculty bring a wealth of knowledge and legal experience to the classroom, including terms as U.S. Supreme Court and federal court clerks, associateships and partnerships in prestigious national and international law firms, high-profile positions within government agencies, and entrepreneurial experience in business engineering. The University of Illinois annually presents campus-wide Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching Awards. The College specializes in subjects such as Business and Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, International and Comparative Law, Public Interest Law, and Taxation Law.

At the College of Law , one can join a remarkably talented and diverse student body representing more than 40 states, 14 countries, and 190 undergraduate institutions. 


J.D. Degree

Students pursuing the J.D. degree attend class full time and usually complete their degree requirements in six full semesters. In evaluating applications, the Admissions Committee places great weight on the undergraduate grade point average and the Law School Admission Test score. The committee also considers graduate work in other fields, employment experience, and demonstrated leadership ability.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree

LL.M. classes at Illinois average 50 students each year, who are fully integrated into the JD community. Applicants must hold a Bachelor of Law (or equivalent degree) from an approved law school, or have completed the formal requirements needed to practice law in their home countries.

J.S.D. Degree

The College of Law offers an advanced graduate program leading to the J.S.D. degree. Those admitted to the highly selective program must have demonstrated analytic and research ability, possess outstanding academic credentials, and completed the LL.M. at an accredited American law school.

Joint Degrees

The College of Law collaborates with University graduate departments to offer 13 exciting joint degree programs. While students must apply for admission to both programs, each participating department will accept a number of transfer credits from the corresponding program to allow students to earn both degrees in a shorter time. J.D. - M.B.A., J.D. - M.S., J.D. - M.C.S., J.D. - M.Ed, J.D. - M.A., J.D. - Ph.D., J.D. - M.H.R.I.R., J.D. - M.A., J.D. - M.D., J.D. - M.S., J.D. - Ph. D. (Philosophy), J.D. - Ph.D (Political Science), J.D. - M.U.P., J.D. - D.V.M.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Law offers two types of opportunities to study abroad and receive credit toward the J.D. degree: College of Law exchange programs and University of Illinois Exchange Partners .

College of Law exchange programs are available in Argentina , Belgium , Germany, India, Japan , Korea , Portugal , and Singapore .

In addition to the College of Law exchange programs, the University of Illinois maintains a number of general exchanges that are open to law students to study abroad. These programs are administered through the U of I Study Abroad Office.


The library is proud to feature strong print and electronic collections, as well as a nationally-known rare book collection. The Rare Book collection at the College of Law contains more than 10,000 volumes dating from the sixteenth through the twentieth century in a range of areas from the Anglo-American tradition to renaissance Europe to pre-Communist China . The law collection is particularly strong in United States and British law and, appropriately, one of the few in America with a comprehensive run of Blackstone's Commentaries. The library's electronic collections have been assembled to provide students with the opportunity to develop their research skills on the very tools they will find in law practice, from LexisNexis and Westlaw, to specialized databases in a variety of practice areas covering both U.S. and foreign law. In addition, there are comprehensive collections in primary U.S. law, an extensive selection of foreign laws, and selected materials to support interdisciplinary scholarship.


The College of Law offers eight Clinical Programs where students have the opportunity to work with and solve problems for real clients. There are five in-house clinics and three outplacement clinics.


In addition to Clinical Programs within the College, Externships expose students to practical aspects of lawyering by allowing them to earn academic credit for performing legal work without compensation for approved non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, or judges.

Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy offers students the opportunity to work on projects with the Illinois State Legislature, spending a number of hours at the State Capitol in Springfield working with legislative leadership.


The student-edited University of Illinois Law Review is generally regarded as one of the pre-eminent law reviews in the country. It's the oldest law review in the country devoted to legal issues facing older people.

The College of Law 's newest journal is The Journal of Law, Technology, and Policy.

College of Law students also write Illinois Law Update, a column focusing on recent developments in Illinois law, published monthly in the Illinois Bar Journal and read by thousands of practicing lawyers throughout the state.

The College also publishes the prestigious Comparative Labour Law and Policy Journal . The College of Law also publishes journals like Law Review Elder Law Journal , Journal of Law , Technology, and Policy , Comparative Labour Law and Policy Journal , SSRN Working Papers , Illinois Business Law Journal .


University of Illinois College of Law
504 East Pennsylvania Avenue - Champaign
Illinois 61820
Phone (217) 333-0931 /   (217) 333-0931
Email: webmaster@law.illinois.edu
Website: www.law.illinois.edu

(Print Version)
Rs. 600/- per year
(Registered Post & Courier)

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