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  May 2016
  April 2016
Ideal human being - dearest to God
Justice M Rama Jois

In 12 th Chapter of Bhagvadgeeta, Lord Krishna has explained the qualities of human beings which make him dearer to God. A close analysis or indepth study of the qualities mentioned by Lord Krishna in a subtle way expounds the quality of an ideal human being. If these qualities are developed in an individual through proper education, many of the problems which the humanity is facing for want of it, stands automatically solved as night disappears with the rising of the Sun. Each of the verses and their meanings are set out hereinafter:

"The devotee who has malice towards none and loves all, who is compassionate and free from attachment and vanity, who views sorrow and joy with equanimity, and is of forgiving nature, endowed with steady mind, contended alike with both profit and loss, restrained in mind, and dedicated to me with firm conviction, is dear to me."

"The devotee who does not upset anyone, nor is upset by anyone, and who is free from the contradictions of joy, envy, and fear, is dear to me." [Bhagvadgeeta Ch. XII-13, 14 and 15]

"The devotee who is free from desire, pure, efficient at his task, impartial, free from sorrow, and who has achieved the state of resentment is dear to me."

"The devotee who is neither joyous nor envious, neither troubled nor concerned, and who is unperturbed by all good and evil actions, is dear to me."

''The steady worshipper, who regards friends and foes, honour and dishonour, cold and heat, happiness and sorrow, as equal, and who is detached from the world, indifferent to slander and praise, meditative, contended with any manner of physical sustenance, and free from infatuation for the place where he dwells, is dear to me."

"And the devotees who rest in me and taste well the aforesaid nectar of dharma in a spirit of selflessness are the dearest to me."

The qualities set out in this chapter should be scrupulously followed by every individual not only in respect of every fellow human being but also towards every living being. This is the everlasting advice of Bhagvadgeeta for securing peace and happiness in the entire world.


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