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  May 2016
  April 2016

We have become so accustomed to this announcement, "Kindly switch off your mobiles". Be it in a conference, a flight, a movie or a hospital. It's so easy to touch a button and switch it off. I wish there was a button to switch off our minds too. We have worries about our work, health, finances, family and a whole lot of other things. I think we should gracefully accept stress as a part of life and a reality to contend with.

I feel wherever you are and whatever you are doing, give it your full attention. Give it your best shot! When at work, be focused just on that. Don't let family worries divert your attention and diminish your efforts and consequent results. Similarly, don't cheat on your family time either. You have earned it, so enjoy it. Don't count the hours, make the hours count. Please do a re-cap of your notion of quality time. On a personal note, a cup of coffee with my father is a prime example of good quality time spent together.

With due respect and reference, I am tempted to quote some lines of Mr. Chetan Bhagat, who has become a modern icon with his way of thinking. "Don't just have career or academic goals. Set goals to give you a balanced successful life. I use the word balanced before successful. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order. There is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your break up. Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions.. We are people, not programmed devices.."

Sometimes, we take so much upon ourselves. We should remember that the world existed before we were born and will continue to remain after we go. Let us make the most of the gap in between. The small dash between the two dates is what is most important, make that count. Give everyone their due. When you are with someone, truly be with that person, and not just physically present. The ability to switch off may sound simple, but it is more difficult than a headstand. It needs practice to implement. But believe me, its well worth the effort.

I heard some doctors talking at a recent dinner and I believe the most common health issue these days is high blood pressure, in other words, hypertension. We don't need to spell it out any further, the name suggests it all. If we could acquire the habit of switching off from stressful situations, may be we won't need the Blood Pressure pills. To expect tension to vanish from our lives is like expecting the sun to rise in the west. We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails. Similarly, in order to cope with the challenges of life, we need to adopt some levelling techniques, such as switching off.

The legal profession is a serious one and that too very demanding. Needless to say, one should give one's best to their clients. It is not easy to switch off, keeping in mind the long hours, national as well as international clients, persistent deadlines and the tight court schedules, not to forget the non-stop travelling associated with the work. The successful lawyers will tell me that it is not possible to switch off, because their client's interest is of paramount importance. These lawyers' dedication to their profession needs to be applauded. Who am I to disagree? I humbly accept their view. Before I am excused of making vague and ambiguous statements, let me hasten to give some examples of switching off.

The busiest of lawyers have a passion for literature and fine arts. Be it reading or watching a play or attending a music program. These provide such an enriching diversion to the mind, serving a dual purpose of adding to our knowledge and yet serving as a switch off. But, please remember, your body and mind needs rest and recuperation too. Just like after a strenuous work out you have to do a cool down!! Let us not stretch our limits to that extent that we are neither being fruitful in office nor have pleasure at home. Love this line I read somewhere, "Live your life in such a way, that your epitaph reads, No Regrets". It may sound like a tall order, but if we try to follow it, at least the regrets will be to the minimum. Life is not a force majeure.. So let's not treat it as one. Please use your best efforts in your work, but along the route, take out the time to admire the scenery too. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift. I think in order to truly enjoy this gift we need to inculcate the habit of switching off.

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